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Ancient relics in Clash of Lords 2

Clash Of Lords / July 2, 2019

Okay, here ane not going to explain how to play Clash of Lords 2. But ane jelasin mindset to play this game, so that friends and clearly understand how to play Previous I Explaining some of the terms use in this post about the clash of lords hack online


Level = our level.
Level Hero = hero level.
Level TH = Level town hall.
Building Level = Level name of the building. Kayak level gold mine or gold vault.
Raids Raids = Resource.
BR = Battle Royal.
SC = Solo Campaign.
CC = Campaign Clash.
LL = Lords League.
Merce = Mercenary / Troops / Kids fruit.

1. Mindset about Level
-level As low as possible, the level of hero as high as possible. Level 50 must already exist hero who evo Leo.
First time playing gameini ane, ane wonder the same enemy in raids ane, he was level 30. But heronya level 90s.

2. Mindset Raids / Search Gold:
GV same -Serang GMnya, tempatin the closest hero.
-Before Hero dies, Surender. Because Respawnnya old, from the waiting mending Surender wrote.
-Gold Enemy exhausted, directly Surender. Our goal nyari gold right?
-If Could fit under the hero type raids remotely all.

3. Mindset Hero
-Tinggin Hero when the early rare. But the same hero skill mercenya do ditinggiin. The same soul-saving ring. Mending the same ring pakek Soul create epic hero wrote.
-Kalo Already dapet epic hero, fusing rare hero who ditinggiin. (Hence, skill do ditinggiin, because akhirya in fusing create epic hero ninggiil)
-Agan Must already choose for pakek wizard or Sharpshooter. If the wizard, skull tinggiin mage, if Sharpshooter tinggiin pyro pete. Because this digame, Arena and CC is very important. All needs are there in the arena and CC. Thus, beginning to play the game, agan fokusin hero for Arena.
-Never Up agan merce hero who do not wear.

4. Mindset Skill
-Tinggiin Only 1-2 skills of the five heroes who dipakek in the early game. If agan pakek sharphooter, elevate Chiron same skill pyro pete. If pakek wizard, mage skull same skill tinggiin pan goli.
-Skill Pan goli mandatory in tinggiin.

5. Main LL / Lords League
-Choose The easiest opponent of the imaginable.
-Use Renevan trick-Pan Goli or kill tok How goli pan.
-Turunin Hero on one point. Do not spread. In order to attack an enemy hero fitting together and cepet strength. This allows us to create a healing skill ngeluarin current spell.

6. Base
-TH Center.
Goldvault -Goldmine and put it in the middle or distributed in various points.
-Build Shack / building workers put in the corners, so that if we lose the base, the enemy hero mumet-mumet first.

7. Spell skill / skill Ancient Relic
-Maximalkan Healing skills current / magmafied.
-Maximallkan Passive skill ranged combat.

8. Event every day.