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Tips and tricks Clash of Lords 2

Clash Of Lords / December 21, 2017

IGG’s new massively multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) game Lords Mobile is now available for Android and iOS devices, and that means it’s time to battle in a “world of chaos.” Like you would in other games of this kind, you will be collecting “exotic” heroes, training your troops, and, while doing that, building an impressive empire and fighting off other human players while protecting your kingdom. There are guilds which you can join to help you along the way, and before you attack your opponents, you can spy on them in order to launch the perfect tactical attack against them. You can even lock the heroes of your opponent in prison, and force them to bail them out, or should we say, release them with in-game money.

If you’ve played Clash of Clans, you probably know what to expect, but it would be better if you’ve played IGG’s other similar titles like Castle Clash and Clash of Lords. But if you’re a newcomer to the MMORTS gamer, or maybe just new to this game in general, you might want to check our list of Lords Mobile tips and tricks that could allow you to get an early advantage against the game’s other human players.

1. Train As Many Troops As You Could, But Don’t Skimp On Food

From the get-go, you should be focusing on training as many troops as you can. But in order for those troops to fight to full potential and not go hungry, they need food. Yes, you should be prioritizing food production alongside troop training, and when compared to other resources like gold, wood, stone, and ore, food should be at the top of your priority list. Keep on building farms as you expand your kingdom’s land, and focus on taking over external farms so you can gather even more food and keep your troops growing and well-fed.

2. Join A Guild

When talking about these games, it almost goes without saying. It’s been said many times before that no man is an island, and if you’d rather play a game without any side-by-side interaction with fellow human players, this might not be the game for you. But as we were saying, joining a guild offers you myriad benefits. You can get assistance from your fellow guild members, and you can help them out too, by trading heroes and resources. That’s just how it is in this type of mobile game, so join a guild and don’t be a stranger. Or form one, if you would rather do it that way.

3. What’s Next After Joining A Guild?

Once you’ve found a good guild to join, or possibly formed one, you can use the novice relocator so that your kingdom is closer to the rest of the members’ kingdoms. But you should also make sure that you’re joining an active guild, and that you too are active; if you aren’t, then there’s a good chance they’ll give you the old heave-ho and kick you out of it. If either you or your guild-mates are inactive, you’ll only be wasting the relocator feature.

4. Scout Your Enemies, But Bring Everyone With You

When talking about the game’s features, IGG stressed the ability for players to spy on the enemy. We would also refer to this process as scouting, as the idea here is to get an advance look at your opponent’s setup. That will allow you to make more informed decisions when choosing the troops to take to battle, but in most cases, you may want to bring all your troops, especially when things get a little too close for comfort. The old adage of strength being found in numbers applies to Lords Mobile, so keep training those troops in order to have a strong offense against your human “enemies, ” or opponents.

5. Complete The Turf Quests

In addition to attacking enemy kingdoms, you should take on turf quests, which will reward you with lots of resources and experience points. More XP allows you to level up quickly as a leader, and that, in turn, will get you talent points. As for the collection of rewards, you might want to hold off on redeeming them if you’re saving your resources for builds. Furthermore, rewards that are unclaimed can’t be stolen by your opponents, which may be added incentive for you to hold off on collection at times. The only time they become fair game for others is once they have been collected and included in your stash.

6. What Is A War Of Wonders?

A War of Wonders is an event that takes place once you’re a part of a guild, and when guilds fight it out for bragging rights as the top guild in the in-game universe. Guild leaders, on the other hand, will then be named Supreme Overlord if their guild wins the War of Wonders. Do your best in these events, but keep on targeting opposing guilds, killing their troops, and looting their resources to give them less of an advantage when the next War of Wonders takes place.