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Empire Four Kingdoms / January 20, 2018

Hey guys,

Firstly, I have removed some messages in the discussion as it was going completely off-topic and quite personal. If you guys would like to get into some in-depth and interesting discussions about strategies, then please feel free to write in our Strategy, Tips & Tactics section.

Looks like a good update on the surface, although players are saying that there's too many events. Plenty of information this time, well done.
How many attacks can you receive from the samurai per event?

One per event, are you referring to the amount of events or the frequency they occur? This is valuable feedback

"Legend players will face more challenging opponents in our War of the Realms to gain more glory!"based on previous discussions on the forum, how is this possible?
if the war of realms is a copy of a real player then how can you make it more challenging when we already receive level 70s?

Hi again ^^, we optimized the 'filter' here so that players will not get enemies so far from their skill range. The settings are still real, the behavior is taken from real players, everything stays the same except the variety of settings for these players.

Is there equipment available like the commander you can make from the foreigner event?

Yes there is a selection of new rewards available, also an EQ set! Rosie - Please elaborate on "defence settings can be entered and modified during the occupation time!"

WHO can modify and enter defense settings?

Rosie - Please elaborate on "defence settings can be entered and modified during the occupation time!" The original owner or the occupier, who can modify settings during occupation time?

Pls talk more on the defense setting. Is this applicable to captial capture? During occupation time can we change the defense setting and adding tools?? Kindly reply on this

The defense changing option is a big thing. Guess if we knew before taking any Capitals, Metros or outposts that you would put new rules we would never take them and invest into them. It's a change of a major rule. Same thing they did with royal towers. This won't change that much, except for smaller alliances which keep these. Also, just a way to make us spend more tools again. Because they will be able to change defense, we need to cover all sides with tools while attacking.

Btw, where did the disagree button go and some others I saw before o.O
Ggs paid for it to be removed coz all the dislikes or what?

So let's round this up, it will be the occupier that can modify the defense settings. We changed this because we felt it was unfair that a player who logically has their troops at an outpost, is unable to organize their army during this time.
Not only that, in all honesty yes it's a means to revitalize PvP in the game, in the hopes that this is one of the fairer ways to do it. We would love to hear your feedback on that, sounds like from other threads around here that you would like to increase the amount of activity and challenge to the game. Do you feel that this could help that? Are there other, maybe even better ways you think we could do this?

Regarding the latter topic, reactions were always supposed to be a positive feature, allowing you guys to show each other your support, which is why we introduced them in the first place. After some analysis of how they were used, and feedback from the various communities however, we came to the conclusion that things had to be changed in order to improve the feature. The Disagree option not only stood out as a negative reaction, but removed space for constructive discussion as to why something was so disagreeable.
Similarly to the Disagree function, the Agree function seemed to lower the amount of active discussions regarding features/suggestions.

Both of the above were also seen to be used adversely to their original intentions, rather being used to ‘agree’ with friends and ‘disagree’ with players that weren’t on good terms with the reactor.