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Castle Clash Guide Android

Games For Android / February 9, 2019

StrategyThis strategy guide will show you valuable information regarding Castle Clash.

Castle design

  • Fortresses focus on fortification. They have higher might and provide strong defense.
  • Bases barely build buildings, but battle better than fortresses. They have lower might and provide strong offense.
  • Blends promise strength but deliver weakness. It is best to build one or the other.
  • (Where do these terms come from? Are low might base designs worth anything anymore? Is this info relative to the current game environment?)
  • The is the most significant building in the game.

  • It unlocks other buildings in the shop.
  • It has the highest HP per level.
  • It gives the most completion percentage to an enemy when destroyed and is required to receive one of the three flames per dungeon or raid win.
  • It functions well as a target for enemies to attack while your heroes, troops, and towers kill the attackers.
  • It looks cool when your town hall is located in a place that seems purposeful when designing your base.
  • Vaults are the most valuable buildings in the game. (Pun intended)

  • They store gold and mana acquired from mines, mills, dungeons, raids, Here Be Monsters, and purchases in the shop.
  • They limit the amount of gold and mana you can hold. When you're trying to save up for large purchases, these buildings should be guarded with a high priority. You can do this by surrounding them by towers, heroes, or troops.
  • They have decent HP per level and function well as interior targets while your heroes, troops and towers kill the attackers, when not being used to hoard resources.
  • Towers are the most defensive buildings in the game.

  • They damage enemy attackers.
  • Some towers have strong HP per level and function well as interior targets while your heroes, troops and towers kill the attackers.
  • After a Watchtower reaches level 10 you can specialize them according to your defensive preferences:
  • provide strong offense by dealing high damage. They can be forced to targetand deal multiplied damage through the use of Garrisons. They are weak against swarms of small troops or large packs of Ornithopters.
  • provide simple defense dealing moderate damage to multiple targets. While they don't have the highest damage or Hit Points, they are quite useful when used with Blue Garrisons for stunning incoming attackers.
  • provide specialized defense, dealing area damage to ground targets. They are ineffective against flying enemies. Green garrisons are necessary to hit fast moving units like Assassins, Ninjas, Heroes with Sprint, and Savage Ogres.
  • The and the are the most special buildings in the game.

  • All three unlock additional game content, making them very useful and fun to have.
  • Heroes Altar's reduce the waiting time required for Heroes to revive when killed. Each Altar level reduces the waiting time.
  • Every Relic Hall level unlocks a new spell, new spell slot, or new spell level.
  • Leveling the Guild Hall will increase the number of Flags a player can hold at one time.
  • Both have High HP per level and functioned well as interior targets while your heroes, troops, and towers kill the attackers.
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