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Games For Android / December 23, 2018

Clash of Lords 2 is a base building strategy game from IGG.COM, a game that is undoubtedly a lot like Clash of Clans but just as fun. If you’ve not played a game like this, do not worry as Gamezebo has plenty of tips and tricks to get you primed and ready for battle.

  • Always Upgrade – The point of Clash of Lords 2 is to have a great army that you can build up over time to help conquer the world. This army only grows if you have upgraded buildings and soldiers to help improve the structure as you play. If you have the coin, always make sure you’re upgrading your buildings, especially the Town Hall. Some upgrades or military can’t be unlocked unless you upgrade the Town Hall first.
  • Have a Strong Defense – Wouldn’t it be great if you opened the game one day to find your town in shambles? No, it probably wouldn’t. To rectify that from happening, you need a strong defense that will be ready when your town gets attacked. Build them, upgrade them, whatever it takes to keep your enemies at bay.
  • Strength In Numbers – Beef up your army as much as possible. When you’re heading into battle where times will be tough, you do not want to leave any men behind. Before you even think of hitting that Attack button, take a good look at your army as is. If you see a possibility where you could have a few more soldiers, it will be worth the wait to add a few extra soldiers to your army.
  • Fuse Heroes – You can fuse heroes together to make them more powerful as you go. Fusing them will level-up more powerful heroes, making them more powerful. The more experience your heroes have, the better off they will be in battle.
  • Work on Events – Events are available for you to complete, and often offer Gems as a reward if you complete them. Most of the goals you can complete are fairly simple and shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to complete, and the rewards you get are definitely worth the small time investment.
  • Plan Out Your Battles – When you load into a battle, you do not have to immediately begin attacking until you are ready. Often it might be a good idea to send some troops to invade a base from one side, while sparing others for another side. There are often multiple ways to approach a situation, so take a good look at everything before placing down your first troop.
  • Surrender! – Don’t be afraid to Surrender. If it becomes clear you’re not going to win, go ahead and surrender to save the troops you still have. You can always get more heroes, plan a different strategy and try again.