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Clash of Clans online game for computer

Mobile Games / April 16, 2019

Your village was a place of love and peace until the green, ugly and evil minded goblins inhabited the area. They want to take over your resources and bring your village down. Protect your gold, elixirs and gems from the vicious invaders.

Clash of Clans is Online. Finally

Browser ready version came almost two years after first launch of the game.

More about the game:
It’s not that you need to defend the life of inocent villagers all the time, you can also attack goblin gounts and other players.

When you feel like not wanting to battle simply activate the shield and no one can do you harm for a limited time period.

Online version of Clash of Clans gained its popularity fast. Big screens provide better gaming experience than small mobile screens. If you prefer to play Clash of Clans online you’re on the right place. Game is 100% free with an option of ingame purchases.

Clash Of Clan - Troops available Online

This game is about:

www clan-and-more biz

Do you really need in game purchases?

You can play all the way to the maximum level without making a single real money transaction. However, if you’re impatient to rule the world than buying some gems is a right thing for you.

A few strategies

Young Goblin exodus- this strategy focuses early destroying as many Goblin sites as possible. That way you get early advantage of having many resources.

High on Gems for free- at the start you get 250 Gems. First time players are not aware of Gem value so they spend Gems to speed up the development. Don't do that in the begining, save your gems, it will pay dividends later in the game.