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Beginners Guide Clash of Lords 2

Games Guide / December 9, 2016

The famous Zerg. The Zerg Rush became so popular that it is a term used even today when referring to any game where you are rushing your enemies. That swarming, rushing nature is still something parctised today by Zerg players. Their strength lies in numbers and speed. Any good Zerg player will tell you it isn't about having the biggest units, it is just about having three times as many as your enemy.

When it comes to the early game, the Zerg have some pretty varying options. Like any race, you still build up your workers and Overlords but after that there are a couple things that to think of. If you want to make it a quick match, you can rush your enemy. If you want to sit back play a little more passively you can build out your tech. The third option is a very early expand, giving you a second base much sooner than your enemy, which will also boost your production since Zerg production is done solely out of their Hatchery.

The most famous of Zerg armies. The Zergling rush is very easy to do and for a lot of players, it is very hard to stop. The basics of it go like this. Build up your drones until you have 8 total. Now wait for 200 minerals and place a Spawning Pool. While that builds, get another Drone and a second Overlord. By the time they are build, your Spawning Pool will be down, allowing you to queue up 3 Zergling. Now you can either leave now, or you can queue up another batch so that you have 12 total Lings. If you are facing Terran, it is best to leave now before they finish their wall. Protoss and Zerg have a tougher time walling so you can wait those extra seconds to get more Zerglings. Once you have an amount you are happy with, run past all their stuff and tear into the worker units. A key part of this rush is to keep building more lings. If you are initially successful, the worst thing you can do is not follow up. While this attack happens make sure more Zerglings are constantly building and either have them group up as a second army for when the first dies, or if your first army is still surviving then send them in for support immediately. If your enemy was unprepared for this, it is likely they will tap out from this. If they eventually fend you off, you should have at least crippled them so heavily that they have to wait multiple minutes to rebuild their economy.