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Descargar Clash of Lords 2 APK Mod

Clash Of Lords / August 18, 2018

《Clash of World War II》is an SLG game based on WWII. At the end of WWII, every Alliance member thought they had seized the victory, however, the Axis disagreed. They were desperate and released mass quantity of modern weapons. The world suffered and was burnt to ashes. No government, no military group, the newly-established Yalta System collapsed. Everything was ruined and needed to rebuild. Countless warlords rose and were tempted to take benefit from the chaos. You, are one of them.

【Game Feature】

◆HD Image Quality◆

Truly restore the reality of WWII, visually experience the world of WWII in HD.

◆Featured Missions◆

No struggle for mission completion. Tap start and all you need to do is waiting.

◆Ultimate PK◆

Unlimited times PK, attack the enemy and interupt the development. Looting resources from the enemy is also legal!

◆Capture Capital◆

Capture the Capital Fortress and become the Supreme General! Assign the titles to your allies and enemies!

Source: apkpure.com