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Games Guide / August 23, 2016

Generally speaking World of Final Fantasy keeps things simple - it's designed to be a more approachable FF game, but there's still a lot of little wrinkles and twists in it that might catch some off-guard.

We've been covering a lot of that here on our dedicated guide pages. Rather than a full-on walkthrough, we've covered the topics we think people will get snagged on such as how to find and catch all of the game's varied mirages, how to solve those damn icicle ridge puzzles, how champion summons work and a slew of general tips.

Y'know what else it's good to have some pointers on? The ending. There's a few, you see. Allow us to explain... minor spoilers, of course, though we'll keep story details to an absolute minimum.

Like most classic FF titles, World of Final Fantasy does actually make it pretty clear when you're headed towards the ending. The game's chapter-based structure tops out at Chapter 21 and is followed by a very typically FF final dungeon, Castle Exnine.

Your trip through Castle Exnine culminates in a series of boss encounters (of course), which themselves eventually lead to a rather heavy encounter with your antagonist. You'll want to make good use of Champion Medals as well as character buffs, but given WOFF has a generally restrained difficulty level you should be able to force your way through this fight eventually.

Once you do, a trophy will pop and the credits will roll. You've completed World of Final Fantasy! Sort of... but as you'll learn from story events in Castle Exnine, it's really a rather somber ending. It's a bit too sad. They can't leave it there... right?

Watch the ending cutscene and let the closing credits roll. Once they're done, save your progress...

It's not over yet: World of Final Fantasy's Postscript Begins

No! The game sort of echoes your thoughts, I should think. Time can, it appears, be rewritten. You'll be able to load the completed save from the end of your trip in Castle Exnine, and suddenly you're back in the game, time rewound, with one of your protagonists with a full memory of the events of the last ending and one without.

The game guides you on a little tour now and your goal is essentially to get the support of the Pleiad - a powerful group that includes Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh but also has Leviathan, Diabolos, Odin and Bahamut... which is quite the crew. You'll have to defeat each of them in a series of decently challenging boss battles. Defeating them will get you their Prismarium.

To get started on this you'll want to return to Plaza 99 in Nine Wood Hills, watch the cut-scenes and then talk to Serafie. Serafie will guide you a bit and also offers a rumor radar, which'll basically point you in the right direction for quests.

The rumor radar will prod you towards the four new intervention quests for Levithan (Ancestral Acrimony), Diabolos (When the Past Still Haunts), Odin (A Clash of Swords) and Bahamut (The Demon Dyad Revealed). Do these quests.

You can of course use this time to tidy up any other side quests - in fact, we recommend you do just that.

Miniventure: Vestiges of Life

Once you get all of the Pleiad on your side by doing their intervention quests, chatting to Serafie about Tama will kick off a new miniventure, Vestiges of Life. The Girl Who Forgot Her Name will also have something to say on this matter, so go see her - this will start a quest that sees you return to Icicle Ridge.

This quest is really very simple: got to the area you're told to and fight your way from one end to the other. This is a great place to power up any favourite mirages since enemies here drop a decent amount of XP, especially since in the postscript Castle Exnine isn't available to grind in.

At the end of this very linear area you'll find a kyubi. You're after the item kyubi's soul, so.. do what you have to. That means killing it right dead. Sorry, kyubi.

Once you've done that, return to the Girl's Tearoom to complete the quest. Your main reward will be delivered in a cutscene, but also pick up the additional reward from the miniventures quest list.

Defeating World of Final Fantasy's final boss & getting the true ending

We've already gone over the basic requirements for World of Final Fantasy's proper final boss above: You basically need to have completed the Vestiges of Life miniventure but you also need to have completed all of the Pleiad Intervention quests - that's for Bahamut, Odin, Diabolos, Leviathan, Shiva, Ifrit and Ramuh.

This alone will let you access the final battle, and once you visit Plaza 99 in Nine Woods Hills after completing all of these objectives a cutscene will take place.

Serafie will ask if you're ready to fight - but if you say yes without fulfilling certain other requirements you'll lock yourself out of the post-ending content. So wait!

What you'll want to do is head to the Girl's Tearoom and check the Intervention Quests that The Girl Who Forgot Her Name manages for you. If any of these intervention quests are left unfinished, you won't unlock the post-ending content to play.

Complete everything that the girl has for you to do and pick up everything she offers - Champion Medals, Intervention quests, the works. Clean her out.

Once you've done this, you can finally talk to Serafie. You'll be able to take on the final bosses now - because the final encounters are a gauntlet of several long boss battles in a row. Here's some video footage (not from us!) of the final boss encounter and ending - spoilers!

It's worth noting that in the final boss of the lot your champion medals will be disabled. Key to this series of battles above all else is preparation: buy what you need for Chocolette, stocking up on hi-potions, ethers and the like.

In terms of mirage and stack setup, our advice is to shoot for a good amount of Dark Resistance since it's the most common element you'll face. You'll also want to make sure you have access to some good physical attack moves. I personally didn't find magic as useful as a physical hammering.

I used most of my mirajewels on skills to boost my basic stats and on skills that could help me resist the dark elements the bosses most commonly use. You may need to try these encounters once, die, and then reload with a bit of a better knowledge of their move-set. Remember that the protagonist duo have their own strengths and weaknesses, too: Focus Reynn on being your physical powerhouse and have Lann ready to buff and heal.

Once you finish these bosses, the game will end again. There'll be another extra cutscene that will appear so long as you've completed all of the intervention quests.