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What game is like Clash of Clans?

Mobile Games / July 15, 2016

1. Artwork
2. A well balanced game economy (if you want people to get addicted to it, and also make any money from it. There's a science to this in itself)
3. A database, backend, and API's to connect to your app (I see only see client side tech skills listed here)
4. A cloud-based infrastructure (Amazon, Rackspace, etc. - Costs scale based on daily and monthly active user metrics)
5. A marketing budget and plan that assumes you'll be paying $2.50 + USD per new user which is a very conservative cost-per-install rate in your category.
6. Luck and timing

With so many variations of this concept in the App Store already, you're going to be competing for the same users against companies that have significant marketing budgets, years of experience and lessons learned and data scientists that know how to carefully balance user-acquisition costs with in-game revenue targets. Sorry to sound so apocalyptic, but I think you need to set more realistic expectations based on goals. Consider a much simpler game you can develop yourself with a very simple core mechanic, hire a designer on eLance for a few hundred dollars and experiment first to see what's involved and that can help you re-set your expectations. Do small iterations too. Don't spend months building a "me-too" game where the odds are very much against you. Also don't let other people lead you to believe that you can do it too just because you have some skills. It's easy to get caught up in this kind of delusional thinking.